The DC is an industry event geared at documentary professionals and decision-makers that are committed to being actively engaged to bring positive change and development to the Arab and international documentary community.
The DC gathers leading documentary professionals and decision-makers to create a platform for dialogue, collaboration and resistance in ways that ignite social and political change, inspire creativity and promote business. It is built around an immersive programme of inspiring keynotes, project presentations and practical workshops that sit alongside expert groups who ensure result-orientation and continuation.

Documentary professionals from across the globe can apply to attend the DC’19. Apply Now!

  • Attendance to the DC’19 is free of charge, however interested candidates need to apply and be selected.
  • The selection is done by the DC team and partners based on merits of application and ticket availability.
  • Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis starting January, 21st, 2019.
  • Selected candidates will be informed by email. Places are limited, so make sure to submit early  to increase your chance of getting one of the limited passes.
  • Passes give full access to all events of the DC’19 from 15-17 April and include the convention catering and networking dinners on each day.
  • Once selected you will be asked to confirm your attendance to DC’19 and receive further information from the DC-team.

If you want to be part of the Documentary Convention 2019 fill the application form and apply for one of the limited passes today!

Why is the Policy Changing?

In 2018, we charged a registration fee for the Documentary Convention. This year however, access to the Convention will be free of charge, but based on an application and selection process.

The decision was reached by the DOX BOX board and the Documentary Convention main partners after a thorough evaluation of the event. Initially, the evaluation was required by German tax and non-profit regulations, but it has encouraged a much broader assessment which allowed us to consider alternative registration options. We also took the feedback from last year’s participants into consideration, and have decided on a system of selecting participants through an application process. We hope this will promote a more fair and inclusive event, and will allow more documentary professionals to be part of the Documentary Convention.

The Documentary Convention main partners reserve the right to change and amend this system for future events if required, based on the needs of the event.

Terms & Conditions


A precondition for DC’19 Registration is a proof of your current professional activity as a documentary filmmaker or representative of the film industry, cultural institution or film festival. When applying, please provide your professional supporting information according to the requirements in the application form. You will also be asked to name two professional references.
Documentary professionals from the Arab region, Europe and from around the globe are eligible to apply.

Application & Selection Procedure
  • All applications received will be reviewed for eligibility and then be forwarded for evaluation and selection. The selection decision is final. The organisers of the DC will not enter into any communication with applicants regarding unsuccessful applications.
  • Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.
  • In the selection the merits of the application based on the personal statement and supporting information will be assessed. Applications will be accepted where the attendance to the DC’19 seems fair and reasonable, the status of the applicant can be verified and the applicant fulfills the basic eligibility criteria.
  • Successful applicants will be informed on a rolling basis. Passes are limited, so early applicants have higher chances of being able to attend the DC. We try to get back to applicants within two weeks.
  • As part of the application, applicants can apply to be considered for the DC Travel Bursary Scheme. Selection for the bursary is not automated and the selection process underlies the rules & regulations of the Travel Bursary Scheme.


Selected Particpants' Duties
  • Selected participants not living in Leipzig must give a binding confirmation of their attendance by presenting a travel document or reservation by March, 30th.
  • It is the participants’ responsibility to obtain any relevant visas.
  • Upon request DC organisers can provide invitation and support letters. Such requests must be made in writing upon confirming participation.
  • Selected participants agree to actively contribute to and attend the full programme of the DC.
  • Successful applicants who will not be able to attend the convention  for any reason, must notify the organisers as soon as they know, so as to ensure that another applicant can be considered instead.
  • Participants agree to the use of their data, name and image in any publicity material related to Documentary Convention; and in line with EU data protection scheme.


Travel & Accommodation

Participants need to arrange and cover for travel and accommodation themselves; to support them the DC offers once again a Travel Bursary, to which eligible candidates from the Arab region and Europe can apply as part of their application. The Travel Bursary selection is an individual process; selection for participation does NOT automate support from the Travel Bursary.

Please read the rules & regulations for the Travel Bursary carefully before applying.



Submitting an online application will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

FAQs 2019

How do I register for DC'19?

Registration for DC’19 is based in application.
When application period opens on 21 January 2019, click apply for registration on the DC page. This will take you to our application form. Fill out the form, including ensuring you complete all mandatory fields. After you have completed and sent your application you will receive a confirmation email. We aim to get back to you within one week.

Why do I have to apply for a pass?

The DC  is a professional-to-professional event with limited spaces. Applicants need to prove that they are committed members of the international documentary community and interested in actively contributing to its advancement.

What is included in a DC-pass?
  • Full access to all DC activities from 15-17 April 2019.
  • Convention catering incl. coffee breaks & lunch
  • 3 Networking dinners
  • Access to facilitated networking.
  • Convention material and information, including guest list.

Travel and/or accommodation costs are NOT included.

Do I need to pay for my pass?

No. Admission to the DC is free of charge in 2019 but based on application and selection.

How Do I find out if I have been accepted to participate?

The DC-team makes decisions on a rolling basis and tries to get back to applicants within two weeks.

I have been accepted to participate, what happens next?

You will be asked to confirm your attendance to DC’19 by our team and be requested to share a travel or hotel reservation with us latest 2 weeks before the DC starts.

I have not been accepted to participate in the DC '19. May I request feedback?

The selection decision is final. While the time and energy you put into filling the application is much appreciated, we cannot give feedback on individual applications.

I can not afford travel costs of attending the DC. Can you help?

The DC Travel Bursary Schemes supports independent documentary professionals from the Arab region and Europe. You can apply for support as part of the application for registration. Make sure to make yourself familiar with rules, regulations and deadlines of the Travel Bursary before you apply.

Can I apply for the Travel Bursary Scheme without applying for registration?

No. Being granted a pass to partake in the DC’19 is a prerequisite to be considered for the Travel Bursary.

I applied for the Travel Bursary as part of my registration application and have now been granted a pass for DC’19. Have I also been selected to receive a Travel Bursary?

No, unfortunately not. Though you can apply for the Travel Bursary as part of the registration application these are two processes. After the deadline all application for Travel Bursary are forwarded to an independent selection committee who decide which applicants receive support through the Travel Bursary in 2019.

I applied for the Travel Bursary. What is the process?

Please refer to the information about the Travel Bursary Scheme in the respective section of this webpage.

I have not been selected for the Travel Bursary but would still really want to come to Documentary Convention 2019. Can you offer any help?

In this case we can unfortunately not offer any financial support. However, there are a whole range of other schemes available that offer support for professional travel. The Cultural Mobility Information Network On the Move lists a whole range of such opportunities on their website:

Can I share my registration?

No. Registrations cannot be shared and are non-transferable. You will be requested to show a photo ID when picking up your registration.

Can I share my registration?

No. Registrations cannot be shared and are non-transferable. You will be requested to show a photo ID when picking up your registration.

I registered but now I can’t make it. What should I do?

If you cannot make it to the convention for any reason, you must notify the organisers as soon as you know, so as to ensure that another applicant can be considered instead. Organisers can be contacted at

Will day passes be available for the DC 2019?

Unfortunately not in 2019.

Can someone come in my place?

If you can not make it, you can nominate a colleague to come in your stead. The final selection decision is with the organisers, so please contact us at if you wish to nominate someone.

Where is the best place to sleep?

We have secured rooms in several hotels in Leipzig with special rate. For a full list and further information please refer to the More DC section on our website.

I am bringing a child to the DC, do I need to register him/her too?

For individuals under the age of eighteen no extra registration application needs to be submitted. While children are welcome at the DC, we wish to inform you that for the 2019 edition we will not be able to provide any special programme for children.

As a person with special needs, may I bring an accompanying person to DC'19?